Bjorn Weckstrom "Samurai" Ring - Sold

An amazing, rare ring by designer Bjorn Weckstrom for design firm Lapponia. Often inspired by nature, Weckström became fascinated by the unique textures he found in the Lapland of Northern Finland. The beautiful, raw texture of the ring reflects this influence. This expressive design was titled "Samurai" and at 10.9 grams, it has a very substantial feel. The larger size and rough hewn design is appropriate for both men and women.

Year: 1981
Stamps: Weckström makers mark, "585", Finnish control stamp (heart), Helsinki city stamp, D8 (1981)
Material: 18k gold
Condition: Excellent
Size: 9
Weight: 10.9 grams
Bjorn Weckstrom "Golden Geranium" Ring


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