Aarikka "Piiri" Brooch - Sold

A beautiful vintage silver brooch designed by Alpo Jääskeläinen and produced by Finnish firm Aarikka. The brooch demonstrates Aarikka's aesthetic which is very graphic and often plays with spheres and rounded shapes. The brooch is part of one of their earliest collection of silver jewellery.

About Aarikka:
The company Aarikka was founded in 1954 by Kajia Aarikka and her husband Erkki Ruokonen. Formally trained in textile design, Aarikka made her first forays into jewelry design in the 1950s when she created her first pieces using birch spheres and silver-wire which are still produced today.


Material: Silver
Stamps: Aarikka, Finnish assay mark (crown), 925, Helsinki city stamp (boat), N7 (1966), AAJ, Finland
Condition: Excellent

Height: 2.5 cm / 1 inch

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Aarikka "Piiri" Brooch


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