Uni David-Andersen "Bronse" Necklace - Sold

A stunning necklace designed by Unn Tangerud for the Norway studio of Uni David-Andersen. The piece displays Tangerud's expressive style of design; the bronze appears almost dripped instead of rigidly cast. The two sections of the design are connected by a hinge, giving the piece a unique movement.

Unn Tangerud joined the workshop of David-Andersen under the leadership of Andersen's grand-daughter, Uni Andersen. In the 1960s, Uni and her team of women designers were pushing boundaries with their technical innovations and original designs.

Year: c.1960
Material: Bronze
Stamps: "Design Unn Tangerud", "Uni D-A Norway", "Bronse"
Condition: Excellent

Pendant Length: 9 cm / 3.5 inches
Chain Length: 64 cm / 25 inches

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Uni David-Andersen Necklace


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