Theresia Hvorslev "Platt" Necklace - Sold

An unusual necklace by renowned Swedish silversmith Theresia Hvorslev. Hvorslev often drew design inspiration from Nordic nature, and this elegant, abstract floral motif is a lovely example. Its minimalist design and clean lines make it a timeless piece. The original chain is still intact; both beautiful when worn and a great collectors item.

Year: 1982
Stamps: H10 (1982), THHV, Swedish silver stamps, 925, L (Lidköping city stamp), Theresia 
Material: Sterling silver
Condition: Excellent - the nature of the design is conducive to surface scratches, though it can be easily buffed.

Pendant Length: 4.5 cm / 1.8 inches
Pendant Width: 5 cm / 2 inches
Chain Length: 56 cm / 22 inches

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