Kalevala Koru "Halikko" Earrings - Sold

Charming earrings produced by well-known Finnish jewelry maker Kalevala Koru. The design tells a great story of the origins of design in Finland. From the catalog:

"The prototype for this Kalevala Koru design dates from the 12th century. The string of filigreed balls was found with three silver cross pendants in Halikko, in southwestern Finland. The valuable find was buried in an earthenware jar during the conversion of Finland to Christianity, about 800 years ago. The jewelry may have been hidden by a priest who wanted to protect it from pagan Finns, or just as well by church robbers who were hiding their booty - no one knows for sure. In any case, the buried treasure speaks of the unrest and troubled times at the start of the new era in Finland."

Year: Modern production 
Condition: Excellent
Stamps: 830, Piku

Hanging length: 4.25 cm / 1.7 inches
Diameter of ball: 1.5 cm / 0.6 inches

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