David-Andersen "Saga" Ring - Sold

From his "Saga" collection, a detailed ring by Norway's David-Andersen. During the 1960s, David-Andersen produced a series of designs which replicated a recently found store of Viking jewelry from 300 AD. The piece has wonderful patterning achieved by oxidized indentations. Pieces from the "Saga" Collection have become Norwegian design classics.


From the original David-Andersen catalog:
SAGA jewellery comprises replicas original pieces, most of them at present in the Historical Museum, Oslo, fashioned some time between about 300-1000 A.D. These unique ornaments testify to a profound artistry and have highly developed decorative effect. Among the old Norsemen precious metals were highly prized, and the gold smiths of the viking age were often masters of their craft. The SAGA pieces have an irresistible appeal to citizens of the machine age, not only for their antique qualities, but above all for their imaginative composition and exquisite workmanship.

Year: 1960s
Material: Silver
Stamps: "David-Andersen Norway Sterling 925S", "Copy orgi. year 300 A.D"
Condition: Excellent


Size: Adjustable (currently size 8). 

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David-Andersen "Saga" Ring


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