Bjorn Weckstrom "Four Winds" Ring - Sold

An amazing ring by Finnish designer Björn Weckström. Inspired by nature, Weckström became fascinated by the unique textures he found in the Lapland of Northern Finland. Four pearls (one of them grey) appear perched in a setting which feels very organic. The piece has a beautiful weight to accompany the monumentality of the design. The piece is titled "Four Winds" and is an early example of Weckström's work. The ring is the epitome of luxury and would make a great investment.
Year: 1973
Stamps: Weckstrom makers mark, "585", Finnish control stamp (heart), U7 (1973), Finland, Lapponia BJORN
Material: 14K Gold and pearl
Condition: Excellent
Size: 5.75
Weight: 11.2 grams
B. Weckström "Pentagon" Ring


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