Studio Else and Paul

Oslo, Norway
Est. c. 1960.

Raw and intricate, designs from Studio Else and Paul are individual pieces of pure imagination.  

In 1959, after meeting in Central School of Arts and Crafts in London, husband and wife team Else Berntsen Hughes (1938-2002) and Paul C. Hughes (1934-1981), established their own workshop in Hadeland near Oslo, becoming pioneers in the studio silver movement in Norway.

Breaking with contemporary Norwegian jewelry trends of minimalism and Norse traditionalism, Else and Paul instead drew inspiration from other cultures, which they re-worked to achieve a unique aesthetic within Scandinavian design.

Else and Paul were among the first to emphasize jewelry’s inherent sculptural quality. To quote the artists: 'The uniqueness of a piece of jewelry ought to be in the shaping of it, every object should be a composition with a character of it's own, also where the amount of precious metal used is at a minimum.' The singular quality of their work attracted international attention at the 1960 Triennale in Milan.

The beautifully detailed and distinctly sculptural quality of the pieces is achieved using the “lost-wax” process. Rings, pendants and earrings are all modeled in wax before casting and then are often oxidized for effect. The result of the process are pieces of which no two are the same. 

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