Guy Vidal

Canada (1938- )

Guy Vidal’s designs are singular pieces of imagination and unlike any jewelry being created at the time.

Born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Vidal attended l’École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal and completed his Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Bloomington, Indiana in 1962.  Initially trained in sculpture and ceramics, Vidal made his first forays into jewelry design in 1964.

At this time, Vidal returned to Canada and based his workshop in Saint-Adèle-en-Haut, Quebec. Throughout the late 60s, his work was recognized with several first place prizes in prominent Canadian competitions.

His jewelry depicts abstracted figures and biomorphic designs, rich with detail and attention to surfaces. Although detailed and substantial, the pieces retain a sense of airiness and refinement. They are executed with expertise in composition, and reflect his formal education in the arts.

Vidal was also a technical innovator. He concocted his own pewter formula which allowed him to create intricate pieces that held their strength, unlike traditional formulas of the soft lead alloy. Each piece undergoes a careful and labor-intense process; from sculpture to mould, to casting, to plating, to lacquering. The final result is jewelry that is among the best of the period. 


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