Erik Granit

Finland (1930-1988)

Granit’s bold simplicity, craftsmanship and attention to detail perfectly embody the Finnish design philosophy. 

In 1956, at age 26, designer Erik Granit founded his own workshop and design company, E. Granit & Co in his native Helsinki and worked there all his life.

His use of local Finnish stones, at the time not widely used in jewelry design, speaks to an interest in re-conceptualizing traditional materials in a distinctly modern way. Stones such as quartz, amethyst and spectrolite are shaped into graceful forms in consideration of their inherent softness. In his pieces without stones, Granit creates modernistic abstractions out of metal which perch atop rings and bracelets in a striking manner.

Truly representative of a new era in modern jewelry, designs from E. Granit & Co. focus on clarity of technique and purity of form.

Erik Granit Ring
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